Closing BSNL Landline

Okay anyone looking to close their landline connection, follow these steps.

1). Download this form and fill in the details. Or you can visit BSNL Office to get the surrender form.

2) Once done, make sure you have Proof (like Voter ID, Aadhaar) and plus have a document proof which has your signature in it (Like Bank Passbook, PAN card etc..)

3) Visit BSNL Office and check with Accounts Officer to see if there is any refund or balance needs to be paid.

4) If there is a refund they will send a Cheque to your address (which will take more than 3 months). If there is any payment needs to be paid they will try to minus the amount with the deposit you made when you took the connection.

5) After everything is done, go to surrender department and submit your form. Once verified they will give you surrender confirmation slip. And you are done.

Do share your experience in closing BSNL landline connection